Bill Divvy Corporate Card: The best choice for your company!

The BILL DIVVY Corporate Card is more than just a credit tool for companies – it is a complete financial solution, offering speed, flexibility and numerous benefits to meet the diverse needs of your business. With lines of credit ranging from $500 to $5 million, BILL Spend u0026 Expense simplifies access to financing, regardless of the size of your company. Let’s explore the fundamental features that make BILL DIVVY the smart choice for growth and efficient financial management.


BILL Divvy Corporate Card

Advanced protection



No annual fee





See below the main information about the BILL Divvy Corporate Card:

Credit that Accompanies the Growth of your Business: BILL DIVVY offers a line of credit that adapts to your company’s growth. Through a simple online request, it is possible to obtain the credit necessary to invest in your business. Additionally, the ability to request credit line increases directly from the control panel provides financial flexibility for the future.
Flexibility in Credit Assessment: We believe in the uniqueness of each company. Our credit assessment process is flexible, seeking to understand what makes your company unique. We offer several assessment approaches to ensure that your line of credit is customized according to your business needs.
Cards for All Employees: At BILL, each employee can have their own DIVVY Corporate Card, connected to proactive spending controls, where you define the rules. Empower your team by keeping control over expenses.
Seamless Software Integration: With integrated desktop software and a 4.7-star rated app (12/11/2021), BILL integrations don’t require changes to the way you do business. Manage your expenses efficiently and intuitively.
Benefits without Annual Costs: At BILL DIVVY, there are no annual fees. Plus, enjoy flexible rewards, automatic expense management, and access to virtual cards for greater control over online purchases and subscriptions.
Fast and Secure Contacless Payments: From tap to pay with Visa to Apple and Google Pay, we offer contactless payment options to suit your preferences, ensuring secure and fast transactions.
Advanced Fraud Protection: BILL Spend & Expense uses an advanced third-party platform that monitors all transactions in real time, preventing complex fraud incidents quickly and accurately, thus protecting your business.
Increase your Rewards with BILL: Track your rewards earnings based on your payment schedule. The more frequent your payments, the more rewards you can accumulate.

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