Brex 30 Card: Boosting Startups and Companies with Unparalleled Advantages

The Brex 30 Card is more than just a corporate credit card; It is an essential tool for startups and growing companies. With global acceptance, issuance of physical and virtual cards on the world’s leading network, Mastercard, and a series of exclusive benefits, the Brex 30 Card offers a new standard in corporate financial management.


Brex 30 Card





Advanced security


Rewards Program


See below the main information about the Brex 30 Card:

Worldwide Acceptance and Flexibility: The Brex 30 Card is accepted worldwide, providing the convenience needed for expanding businesses.
App Rated 5 Stars: Track and manage your card directly from your cell phone. With the Brex app, available for iOS and Android, you can pay with Apple Pay, cancel your card and monitor your spending in real time.
Spending Rewards: Earn up to 7x return on spending and redeem for cash back, credits or even advertising billboards.
24/7 Customer Support: With customer service available 24/7 via call or live chat, you can count on support anytime, anywhere.
Advanced Business Security: The Brex 30 Card offers enterprise-grade security features including Chip and PIN, fraud protection and more, all backed by the World Elite Mastercard standard.
Automated Compliance: The Brex 30 Card automates compliance with detailed receipts, generating memos and categorizing expenses according to local and international tax requirements.
Customized Controls and Limits: Have complete control over your spending, from restrictions on specific suppliers to temporary or recurring spending limits.
Real-Time Expense Tracking: Monitor spending and card limits in real time, by team, individual and global subsidiary, all from a single console for increased accountability and transparency.

Simplify your financial management, track expenses in real time and have full control over your cards. Do not let this chance go by. Click the button below and request your Brex 30 Card now to take your company to the next level!