Rise to Financial Freedom with Chase Freedom RiseSM Credit Card

Discover financial freedom with the Chase Freedom RiseSM Credit Card. Build your credit while earning 1.5% cashback on all purchases. No annual fee, no credit limit increase, and $25 credit when you sign up for automatic payments. Enjoy additional benefits and pave your path to financial success. Open your Chase account today and reach new heights with Freedom RiseSM.

Chase Freedom RiseSM Credit Card







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Unlock Your Financial Future with the Chase Freedom RiseSM Credit Card: Build Credit, Earn Cashback and Enjoy Exceptional Benefits!

Credit Building: Start your credit journey while enjoying 1.5% cashback on all purchases.
Non-Expiring Rewards: Your cashback does not expire while the account is open, and there is no minimum amount to redeem.
$25 Automatic Payment Credit: Get a $25 credit when you opt-in to automatic payments for the first three months.
Free Credit Score Access: Track and learn how to build your credit with Chase Credit Journey.
Additional Offers and Benefits: Explore service protection, cash rewards redemption, contactless payments, partner benefits and instant spending.

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