Coast Fuel Card – The Ultimate Solution for Streamlined Business Expenses

Managing expenses related to fuel, fleet and employees has never been easier than with the Coast Fuel Card. This smart card eliminates fuel theft and overspending, giving you full control over your fleet’s expenses. With Visa acceptance, no personal guarantee, refunds and cashback, the Coast Fuel Card is the most flexible and efficient option on the market. Let’s explore the main features and benefits of this revolutionary card.

Coast Fuel Card





Control of expenses




Main information about the Coast Fuel Card:

Fuel, fleet, and employee expenses all on one card: Eliminate the need for multiple cards for different expenses.
Manage fuel, fleet and employee expenses on a single card.
Smart Controls for Security and Flexibility: Avoid fuel theft and unnecessary expenses.
Block the card for fuel only or enable it for different expenses as needed.
Visa Acceptance and No Personal Guarantee: Global acceptance with Visa reliability.
No personal guarantee required, providing peace of mind.
Rebates and Cashback: Earn refunds and cashback, optimizing your expenses.
The Most Flexible Card Ever: Adapt the card to your company’s specific needs.
Use it anywhere Visa is accepted.
Star Customer Service: Quality customer support, based in the US.
Personalized service when you need it.
Easy to Use and Roll Out: Ease of use for drivers, managers and administrative staff.
Fast and uncomplicated implementation.

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