Discover It® Student Chrome – Fuel Your Future with Rewards and Credit Building

Embark on your financial journey with the Discover It® Student Chrome card, designed to help you build a strong credit history while earning valuable rewards. With no annual fee and no credit score required to apply, this student credit card offers a seamless entry into the world of responsible credit management. Enjoy a stellar 4.8/5 rating based on 1102 reviews, reflecting the trust of students like you.

Discover it® Student Chrome


No annual fee



Free reward




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Financial Flexibility: Provides students with financial flexibility and the opportunity to earn rewards on essential expenses.
Automatic Benefits: Rewards are automatically applied, eliminating the need for manual redemption.
Nationwide Acceptance: 99% nationwide acceptance rate, ensuring usability at a wide range of locations that accept credit cards.
Easy Application: No credit score required to apply, simplifying the application process for students.
Credit Building: Opportunity to build a credit history as a student.
Credit opportunity: Opportunity to build a credit history as a student.

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