Build Your Credit with OpenSky® Plus Secured Visa® Credit Card

Unlock Financial Freedom with No Annual Fee

Improving Your Credit Made Simple

The OpenSky Plus® Secured Visa® Credit Card is designed to make building credit easy and accessible. With no credit check required, a remarkable 88% average approval rate, and a focus on strong financial habits, this card is your key to a brighter financial future.

Focus on Your Financial Future

Payment notifications and built-in spending limits empower you to maintain control of your monthly budget and make timely payments. With no annual fee, OpenSky Plus encourages responsible financial practices without unnecessary stress.

An Opportunity to Build Credit

OpenSky® Plus Secured Visa® Credit Card

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No Annual Fee and No Credit Check Required!

Build Credit Responsibly with OpenSky Plus® Secured Visa®

Zero Annual Fee

Focus on your financial future without the worry of an annual fee, making credit building hassle-free.

No Credit Check

We have removed the blockers that kept you from getting a credit card in the past, including the credit check required to apply.

Minimum Deposit $300

Secure your credit line with a minimum deposit as low as $300, subject to approval.

Variable APR 29.99%

Benefit from a competitive variable APR while focusing on your credit-building goals.

Transfer funds for the refundable security deposit, setting your credit line. Get started with a minimum deposit as low as $300 or choose any amount up to $3,000 (subject to approval).

Keep your spending below 30% of your credit limit to see significant credit gains. From takeout to streaming, every purchase contributes to building credit.

Continue building your credit, access additional credit opportunities, and make progress toward your goal of an unsecured card or a lower rate on an auto loan.

Credit Building Made Easy

Secure Your Future with OpenSky Plus® Secured Visa®

Frequently Asked Questions

The minimum deposit required is $300, offering you a secured credit line to begin your credit-building journey.

The variable APR is 29.99%, providing flexibility for your financial management.

By using your card responsibly, you can unlock additional credit opportunities and make progress toward securing an unsecured card or qualifying for a lower auto loan rate.