Revenued Business Card: An attractive choice for flexible financing!

The Revenued Business Card is a revolutionary innovation, created to serve all companies, providing working capital and the practicality of a business card. With instant approvals and financing based on your business’s revenue, Revenued’s FlexLine+ Business Card is here to transform the way you manage your business finances.


Revenued Business Card



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See the main information about the Revenue Business Card:

Essential Flexibility: The Revenued Business Card is not your average credit card. He accesses a Flexible Line, not a traditional line of credit. The amount available in your Flexible Line depends on the performance of your business and grows as your revenue increases. Financing is delivered just-in-time as card transactions occur.
Excellent Financing Tool: We encourage informed financing decisions. Receiving capital from Revenued is faster than traditional loans, with no application fees. Because we buy future income rather than lend, we are more likely to say “yes” than a conventional lender.
Total control: Our online dashboard puts you in charge of your spending anytime, anywhere. Easily check your payment calendar and transaction history 24/7. The amount of capital you receive depends on the volume of accounts receivable we purchase and the price we pay.
Hassle-Free Application Process: Applying and receiving a financing decision can be done in just one hour with our secure online application. Once approved, you will receive a login and can access your funds within 24 hours.
Real Human Support: Our 5-star team is here to help. Once approved, you will have a dedicated Account Manager to help you make the most of your Revenued account.
Revenue-Based Financing: Income-based financing is an investment, not a loan. We buy a portion of your future revenues at a discount in exchange for providing working capital.
Control with FlexLine: When swiping your card isn’t an option or you prefer cash, check your available balance online and request a cash withdrawal with the tap of a finger, at any time.

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