Build Your Credit with the Self Visa® Secured Card

A Smart Way to Improve Your Credit Score


Introducing the Self Visa® Credit Card

The Self Visa® Secured Card is designed to help you build your credit. Start by maintaining an open Credit Builder Account, making timely payments, and saving at least $100. Ensure your income and expenses are up to date and your account is in good standing to qualify.

Getting Your Card

Choose your credit limit based on your savings progress, order your card, and activate it upon arrival. Use it anywhere Visa is accepted in the U.S., and keep track of your spending to maintain a good payment history.

Take Control of Your Credit Today

Self Visa® Secured Card

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Unlock Your Financial Potential

Get started with the Self Visa® Secured Card now.

Build Credit Effectively

Influence key factors of your credit score through responsible card use.

No Additional Money Upfront

Your savings progress secures your credit limit without extra fees.

Opportunity for Credit Increase

Potential to increase your limit, enhancing your financial flexibility.

Buying Power

Enjoy the freedom to use your card at all Visa-accepting locations in the U.S.

You must have an open Credit Builder Account, meet income requirements, and keep your account in good standing.

Your credit limit is determined by the amount of savings progress in your Credit Builder Account, starting from $100.

Monitor your activity through the card’s app or online platform to manage your spending and make timely payments.

Maximize Your Card Benefits

Empower Your Financial Journey

Frequently Asked Questions

Responsible use of the card positively impacts three major credit factors: amounts owed, average account age, and payment history, contributing to 75% of your credit score.

No, the card uses your Credit Builder Account savings progress to secure your limit without extra upfront costs.

Yes, accounts in good standing may have opportunities to increase their credit limit over time.