Slate EdgeSM Credit Card – Your Path to Financial Empowerment and Smart Money Management

This sophisticated credit card not only offers a low introductory APR and zero annual fees but also provides a suite of innovative tools to help you track, analyze, and optimize your spending. Take charge of your financial journey and achieve your goals with Slate EdgeSM

Slate EdgeSM Credit Card


No annual fee



Contactless payment


Limit increase


See below the main features of this credit card!

Low Introductory APR: Benefit from a low introductory Annual Percentage Rate (APR) with the Slate EdgeSM Credit Card, allowing you to make purchases and manage your balances at a reduced interest rate for an initial period.
Innovative Spending Tools: Gain access to cutting-edge tools and resources that empower you to track, analyze, and optimize your spending. With the Slate EdgeSM Credit Card, you can take control of your finances through advanced financial management solutions.
Financial Empowerment: Experience a credit card that goes beyond transactions. The Slate EdgeSM Credit Card is crafted to empower you on your financial journey, offering a combination of features and benefits designed to support your goals and enhance your overall financial well-being.

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