The Owner’s Rewards Card by M1: Unlocking Exclusive Benefits for M1 Plus Members

Upgrade to M1 Plus for Enhanced Cash Back Rewards

Maximize Your Rewards with The Owner’s Rewards Card

As a member of M1 Plus, you gain access to the top tiers of the Owner’s Rewards Program, empowering you to earn enhanced cash back rewards while shopping with select brands. Whether you’re making everyday purchases, subscribing to your favorite services, or indulging in occasional splurges, the Owner’s Rewards Card by M1 ensures that every transaction contributes to your financial goals.

Earn Generous Cash Back Rates

Members can enjoy up to 10% cash back with leading brands like Adobe, Lululemon, Spotify, AMC Theaters, Netflix, Tesla, Dropbox, Peloton, Ulta, Dollar General, Stitch Fix, and more. Additionally, you can earn 5% cash back with companies such as American Airlines, Chipotle, Dominos, GameStop, Converse, Popeyes, and others listed in the exclusive Owner’s Rewards Program.

Exclusive Benefits Await You

The Owner’s Rewards Card by M1

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Upgrade to M1 Plus for Premium Rewards

Elevate Your Financial Game with The Owner’s Rewards Card

Enhanced Cash Back

Earn up to 10% cash back with leading brands and select merchants.

Automatic Reinvestment

Reinvest your earnings automatically in your Pie for long-term financial growth.

Diverse Selection

Choose from a wide range of participating brands and merchants to maximize your rewards.


Earn cash back on everything else at a standard rate of 1.5%.

The Owner’s Rewards Card offers tailored benefits for M1 Plus members, including higher cash back rates and automatic reinvestment options.

Yes, The Owner’s Rewards Card is accepted internationally wherever Mastercard is recognized.

You can easily track your cash back earnings through the M1 Finance app or website, providing transparent insights into your financial rewards.

Unlock Extraordinary Rewards Today

Elevate Your Spending with The Owner’s Rewards Card by M1

Frequently Asked Questions about The Owner’s Rewards Card

The Owner’s Rewards Card by M1 is an exclusive card designed for M1 Plus members, offering enhanced cash back rewards when shopping with select brands.

To access The Owner’s Rewards Program, you need to be an M1 Plus member. Upgrade to M1 Plus today to start enjoying the benefits.

Yes, cash back rates range from 1.5% to 10%, subject to a maximum of $200 cash back per calendar month. Higher cash back rates (2.5% – 10%) require an active M1 Plus subscription, which is billed annually at $36 or $3 monthly.