United Business Card: Soar to New Heights in Corporate Travel

Earn miles on every business expense, enjoy priority boarding, and access United ClubSM locations. With travel perks, employee cards at no extra cost, and premium business benefits, the United Business Card is your key to soaring above and beyond in the world of corporate travel.

United Business Card

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Unlocking Extraordinary Advantages: Discover Exclusive Perks with the United Business Card

Below are some typical benefits that may be offered, but it is always advisable to check the latest terms and conditions directly with United Airlines or the card issuing financial institution.

Miles Earnings:Earning miles on eligible purchases, especially with an enhanced earning rate on United Airlines purchases.
Exclusive Discounts and Offers:Access to special offers and discounts on shopping, travel, entertainment and other participating partners.
Employee Cards:Possibility of providing additional cards to employees at no additional cost, with similar benefits.
Expense Management Tools:Detailed tools and reports to help you efficiently manage business expenses.

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