Introducing the Virgin Atlantic Black Card

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Earn Points Anywhere, Anytime

With the Virgin Atlantic Black Card, you earn 3 points per dollar spent directly on Virgin Atlantic purchases, and 1.5 points per dollar spent on all other purchases. Plus, get 2,500 points for each of the first two authorized users added to your card (up to 5,000 in total). Best of all, your Virgin Points don’t expire!

Control at Your Fingertips

Manage your finances effortlessly with our convenient online banking platform. View your balance, access monthly statements, and ensure timely bill payments—all from the comfort of your smartphone.

An Opportunity for You

Virgin Atlantic Black Card

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Experience Limitless Rewards

Unlock exclusive benefits with the Virgin Atlantic Black Card!

Enhanced Point Earning

Earn 3 points per dollar spent on Virgin Atlantic purchases.

Flexible Redemption

Redeem points for flights, upgrades, and more with no expiration.

Additional User Bonuses

Receive 2,500 points for each authorized user added.

Convenient Account Management

Access your account and track spending with ease through online banking.

Enjoy free 2-day shipping, order tracking, and returns at 140+ stores.

Simply set up your monthly bills to be charged to your Virgin Atlantic Black Card.

Shops Away is an online shopping site where you can earn bonus points for purchases.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Earn 25 tier points per $2,500 in purchases, with a maximum of 50 per month.

To add authorized users and earn extra points, call 1.800.531.6058.

No, Virgin Points never expire, giving you the flexibility to redeem them whenever you’re ready.