Brex 30 Card: Simplify Your Company’s Spending

Streamlined Corporate Credit Cards for Startups and Enterprises


One Global Card Program

Brex makes it easy to see your company’s total credit limit and subsidiary-specific limits, expenses, and billing in one console to reduce risk and increase control.

Local Currency Cards and Statements

Avoid intercompany transactions and foreign exchange fees by issuing cards in employees’ local currency and allowing subsidiaries to pay statements from their local bank.

Discover the Brex 30 Card Advantage

Brex 30 Card

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Global Acceptance, Local Control

Issued on the Leading Worldwide Network, Mastercard

Real-time Expense Tracking

Monitor card limits and expenses in real time, by team, individual, and global subsidiary, all in a single console to increase accountability.

Custom Limits and Controls

Control cards at any level, such as restricting spend to a specific vendor, setting card limits to expire or recur, or blocking unwanted categories and merchants.

Get Rewarded for Spending

Earn up to 7x back, redeem for cash back, credits, or even billboards.

Credit Limits Tailored to Your Business

Get a card limit appropriate to your business based on financial factors such as revenue or dollars raised.

Local currency cards help avoid intercompany transactions and foreign exchange fees, providing convenience and cost savings.

Brex allows customization of spend limits to local markets with embedded policies tailored to local reporting rules and regulations, auto-enforcing the right policy everywhere spend happens.

Manage your card from your phone with the Brex 30 Card app, available on iOS and Android. Pay with Apple Pay, cancel your card, and view your spend all in one app.

Automated Compliance and Spend Management

Effortlessly Manage Expenses and Compliance with Brex 30 Card

FAQs about Brex 30 Card

Brex cards automatically collect itemized receipts compliant with IRS or local tax laws, generate memos, and categorize to the right GL and/or project — including at international entities.

Brex offers 24/7 customer support via live chat or phone from anywhere, with notifications available through Slack, text, email, WhatsApp, or your preferred platform.

Brex 30 Card offers enterprise-grade security features including Chip and PIN technology, fraud protection, and more, all backed by World Elite Mastercard.