The Coast Fuel Card Advantage

Fuel, fleet, and employee expenses all on one card

Smart Fleet Management

Make fuel theft and overspending a thing of the past with smart fleet cards that can be locked to fuel-only or enabled for different expenses as needed.

Visa Acceptance with No Personal Guarantee

Enjoy the convenience of Visa acceptance without the need for a personal guarantee.

Rebates and Cashback

Get 2¢ back per gallon on your statement and 1% cashback outside gas stations for both fleet and business expenses.

The Most Flexible Card Ever

Customizable controls, easy to roll out, and easy for both drivers and managers. Coast gives you the flexibility you need for your business.

5-Star Customer Service

Experience top-notch, US-based, personalized support whenever you need it.

An Opportunity for You

Coast Fuel Card

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Exclusive Offer!

Apply now and enjoy the advantages of Coast Fuel Card with unmatched rewards and controls.

Fuel Savings

Get 2¢ back per gallon on your statement.


Enjoy 1% cashback outside gas stations for both fleet and business expenses.


Customizable controls for easy management and expense tracking.

Customer Service

Experience 5-star customer service with US-based, personalized support.

Applying for a Coast Fuel Card is easy! Click on the "Apply Now" button, and follow the simple steps to unlock the benefits for your business.

No, there is no limit. You can assign new cards in seconds, ensuring a seamless experience for your team.

With Coast Fuel Card, you’ll receive real-time transaction alerts, providing you with visibility into each purchase and helping you identify areas to save.

Frequently Asked Questions

The smart fleet management feature allows you to lock cards to fuel-only or enable them for different expenses as needed, preventing fuel theft and overspending.

Yes, you can set your own rules and spending limits, giving you control over how each employee can spend on the job. Add vehicle and driver rules, set limits per day and time, and utilize fuel tank and GPS-based controls.

Coast Fuel Card is accepted anywhere Visa is accepted, allowing you to fuel up at the least expensive, most convenient station and use it for various on-the-job expenses.