The Revenued Business Card: Empowering Your Business with Flexibility

Unlock Working Capital and Control with Revenued

A FlexLine + Card built for all businesses

Revenued is built for all businesses, offering working capital and the ease of a business card. With instant approvals and financing based on your business revenue.

Revenued’s FlexLine + Business Card is here

Your Revenued Business Card is not a credit card. It accesses a FlexLine, not a credit line. The amount of your FlexLine depends on your business performance and grows as your revenue grows. Funding is delivered on a just-in-time basis as card transactions occur.

Your Opportunity with the Revenued Business Card

Revenued Business Card

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Unlock Immediate Working Capital

Experience faster funding decisions and control over your business finances with the Revenued Business Card.

Flexible Line for when you need it most

Access a FlexLine based on your business performance, delivering funding just-in-time as card transactions occur.

An Excellent Funding Tool

Make informed funding decisions with faster capital access and no application fees.

You’re in Control

Manage your spending with an online dashboard, providing 24/7 access to your payment calendar and transaction history.

Applying is Easy

Apply and receive a funding decision in as little as an hour with our secure online application. Access your funds within 24 hours.

Revenue-based financing is an investment, not a loan. Revenued purchases a portion of your future receivables at a discount in exchange for providing working capital.

When swiping isn’t an option or you prefer getting cash, check your available balance online and request a cash draw with the tap of your finger, anytime.

Once approved, you’ll receive a dedicated Account Manager from our 5-star team to help you make the most of being a Revenued accountholder.

Empower Your Business with Revenued

Flexible funding, real support, and control at your fingertips.

Frequently Asked Questions

Your Revenued Business Card accesses a FlexLine, not a credit line. The FlexLine amount depends on your business performance and grows with your revenue.

Receiving capital from Revenued is faster than borrowing, with no application fees. Funding is delivered just-in-time as card transactions occur.

The amount of your FlexLine depends on your business’s volume of receivables purchased by Revenued and the price paid.